Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The crisis in the Universities

Hello Peoples,
Today I am talking about the education. Not my education. I am already having enough education having doctorate also. But I am worrying about the education of the university students.
Everybody is knowing that today there is big problem in university. Students complaining government is trying to ruin university. They are blaming president, the SB and even me the Merry Win.
I am telling you, boldly and bravely, we are not trying to ruin the university. We are only trying to re-form, like we are trying to re-form country. What is re-form? It means making new. After killing the Prabhakaran we are making new country. Very much like old country, but making it new. When I am saying old I am not meaning 50 years old. I am speaking thousand years old. Like in the days of the king when we are having little villages and every village having little temple and tank and many green paddy fields. Every temple was also like school and big temple like university. We are already having the king. The rest we are slowly re-forming. In the Kelaniya side I am already starting to re-form. I am already king there. We have big temple and some paddy fields. I am now looking for place to build tank.
Like the country and the Kelaniya side, university also have to be re-formed. We are needing new education system like in the old country, in temples in the village. Why? I am giving two reasons.
First, university learning taking nobody nowhere. Look at me. I am doctor. I am getting it from nowhere. Never going to university but already doctor and also king of the Kelaniya side. Doing anything I like to anybody whenever I like. Nothing happening. Only falling on knees below the king and royal family. Why for needing degree to be doing that?
Second reason is that university student not showing the capacity to be learning. Take this example. Only few days ago, silly JVP boy in the Kelaniya side getting attacked by some people. And what is he doing? Blaming the Merry Win Silva and his people for doing the assault. Not only that, they are also going to the police to complain and asking to have me arrested and punished. Arrested and punished? Me? They are forgetting that I am the man who is going in to the Rupavahini in the broad daylight with the kudu Lal and making big show to be shown alive in the Television. Anything happening to me? I am even telling I am not even knowing where the kudu Lal coming from. Anything happening to me? Anything happening to the Kudu Lal? Only the people assaulting me and hooting at me getting cut with sharp weapons. Then I am telling the whole world I am killing the Lasantha Wickrmetunge. Anything happening? Police still investigating but never investigating me. Then I am tying man to mango tree. Not any man but government man. Anything happening? Policeman watching like idiot. President not even opening mouth. Investigation only by SLFP and they are saying nothing happening to punish the Merry Win so I am getting back my ministry and the powers to tie more and more people to any tree I like. Maybe I am hanging somebody from the tree next time but is anything happening? You are telling me.
This is why I am thinking maybe university student today not bright like university student yesterday. They are not facing the fact and the truth and the reality. They are forgetting I am the king of the Kelaniya side and I can be doing anything I am wanting there and nothing is happening to me. The whole country is accepting that. Some peoples even beginning to say Merry Win is good man, you have to be tough man to be running the Kelaniya side. Even Buddhist priest telling I am good man and protesting when the government taking ministry just to pretend they are angry. Only university student not understanding. They are thinking they can be going to the police and complaining and the police will be coming to take the Merry Win away. This is showing that the students are not learning and are not able to be learning. No wonder the people are attacking them, not liking the way they are wasting the government money with the free education, not learning simple truth before getting degree.
It is better to be closing down the university and re-forming it somewhere else, maybe in village temple. There the students can be learning anything we are teaching them, like most people in the country. When they get degree they will be like water buffalo willing to be going anywhere we are leading, even to the parliament. With the university land we can be doing something more useful. In the Kelaniya side I am already thinking of turning university land in to big hole and filling it with water. Then in the Kelaniya side I am having temple, paddy field, village and the tank also. Just like in the old country.