Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The crisis in the Universities

Hello Peoples,
Today I am talking about the education. Not my education. I am already having enough education having doctorate also. But I am worrying about the education of the university students.
Everybody is knowing that today there is big problem in university. Students complaining government is trying to ruin university. They are blaming president, the SB and even me the Merry Win.
I am telling you, boldly and bravely, we are not trying to ruin the university. We are only trying to re-form, like we are trying to re-form country. What is re-form? It means making new. After killing the Prabhakaran we are making new country. Very much like old country, but making it new. When I am saying old I am not meaning 50 years old. I am speaking thousand years old. Like in the days of the king when we are having little villages and every village having little temple and tank and many green paddy fields. Every temple was also like school and big temple like university. We are already having the king. The rest we are slowly re-forming. In the Kelaniya side I am already starting to re-form. I am already king there. We have big temple and some paddy fields. I am now looking for place to build tank.
Like the country and the Kelaniya side, university also have to be re-formed. We are needing new education system like in the old country, in temples in the village. Why? I am giving two reasons.
First, university learning taking nobody nowhere. Look at me. I am doctor. I am getting it from nowhere. Never going to university but already doctor and also king of the Kelaniya side. Doing anything I like to anybody whenever I like. Nothing happening. Only falling on knees below the king and royal family. Why for needing degree to be doing that?
Second reason is that university student not showing the capacity to be learning. Take this example. Only few days ago, silly JVP boy in the Kelaniya side getting attacked by some people. And what is he doing? Blaming the Merry Win Silva and his people for doing the assault. Not only that, they are also going to the police to complain and asking to have me arrested and punished. Arrested and punished? Me? They are forgetting that I am the man who is going in to the Rupavahini in the broad daylight with the kudu Lal and making big show to be shown alive in the Television. Anything happening to me? I am even telling I am not even knowing where the kudu Lal coming from. Anything happening to me? Anything happening to the Kudu Lal? Only the people assaulting me and hooting at me getting cut with sharp weapons. Then I am telling the whole world I am killing the Lasantha Wickrmetunge. Anything happening? Police still investigating but never investigating me. Then I am tying man to mango tree. Not any man but government man. Anything happening? Policeman watching like idiot. President not even opening mouth. Investigation only by SLFP and they are saying nothing happening to punish the Merry Win so I am getting back my ministry and the powers to tie more and more people to any tree I like. Maybe I am hanging somebody from the tree next time but is anything happening? You are telling me.
This is why I am thinking maybe university student today not bright like university student yesterday. They are not facing the fact and the truth and the reality. They are forgetting I am the king of the Kelaniya side and I can be doing anything I am wanting there and nothing is happening to me. The whole country is accepting that. Some peoples even beginning to say Merry Win is good man, you have to be tough man to be running the Kelaniya side. Even Buddhist priest telling I am good man and protesting when the government taking ministry just to pretend they are angry. Only university student not understanding. They are thinking they can be going to the police and complaining and the police will be coming to take the Merry Win away. This is showing that the students are not learning and are not able to be learning. No wonder the people are attacking them, not liking the way they are wasting the government money with the free education, not learning simple truth before getting degree.
It is better to be closing down the university and re-forming it somewhere else, maybe in village temple. There the students can be learning anything we are teaching them, like most people in the country. When they get degree they will be like water buffalo willing to be going anywhere we are leading, even to the parliament. With the university land we can be doing something more useful. In the Kelaniya side I am already thinking of turning university land in to big hole and filling it with water. Then in the Kelaniya side I am having temple, paddy field, village and the tank also. Just like in the old country.

Monday, October 25, 2010

How to deal with the leaking Wiki

Today I am going to talk about International topic. I am tired of always talking about the Sri Lanka. People thinking I am only knowing what is good for the country. I am wanting to show I am also knowing what is good for the world. I am doctor if you don’t know.
I want to talk about the wikileak. This is something somebody has leaked into the Internet. What have they leaked? Some horrible pictures of soldiers in the Iraq doing terrible things to their own prisoners. And they are telling that the America knowing all about it but looking the other way. It is big scandal now.
I am telling, very good for the America to have scandal like that. The America always telling the world what to do and how to do. What is right what is wrong, what is the human right, what is the right of the animal and what is to leak and what is not to leak. Now there is big leak from the wiki and they are in the big pool of the piss. This will teach lesson to the America not to tell other peoples what is wrong and right. That is a job for me, Merry Win Silva the member of the parliament and the king of the Kelaniya side.
But I am also feeling sorry for the America. Whatever they are doing it is not good for the America to get into too much trouble. Although we are having the China, the Libya, the India, the Iran and the Myanmar for the friend it is the America and the western part of the world we are all loving. We are sending our children and their children to study in the America, and the Britain and the Australia and when we are going on the trip that is where we are going. That is also where we are running if things are getting hotter and hotter in the mother’s land. Who is sending the child to Libya to study, Who is doing shopping trip to the Myanmar? Even the china? After all what is there in the China? Only cheap gadgets and you can buy them all in the America anyway.
So I am thinking we must be helping the America to deal with this leak by the Wiki. That is why I am writing, to give the advice.
I am telling the Obama, brown man to the black man, don’t be upset. We are knowing how to handle this. What you must be doing is first, say there is not atrocities taking place. Nothing doing in the prison. Prisoners are not abused. You can even say they are not even prisons. Just holiday camp for bad people until they become good people in next life. This is the first step to stop leak. If still leaking then say leak done by terrorists to harm the very nice image of the America. You can say the Al Qaeda is standing behind the wiki people and watching over their shoulder to see if leaking well. That will make people hate the leaking people and not the America. If still leaking send vehicle to the home of some leaking people and take them to the same prison they are leaking about. Give them to the same nasty guards and tell them to show them good time. Then take pictures and leak pictures to rest of the leakers. That will plug the leak permanently.
We are knowing all this because we have experience. Sri Lanka is having more things to leak than any other country on the earth. If we are letting it all out it will be like second tsunami, this time tsunami of very smelly stuff flooding not just the Sri Lanka but the India as well. But we are plugging leaks very well, calling leakers nasty things and doing nasty things to them. Leakers going in white van never to be coming back, dead or alive. Nobody wanting to leak never again. Sri Lanka government like big plumbing business. Plugging the leaks and flushing the leakers down the drain.
I think the Obama must take this advice seriously. Nothing to be shame about getting advice from small country. I am sending advice to the Mugabe also soon. After all we are all in the black.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My name

Some people are asking why I am calling myself Merry Win.

Very simple.

I am always Merry and I always win.

Why the Fonseka is in the Jail

The Sarath Fonseka has become very big news now. People are asking, why he is in the jail? I am going to the tavern to collect my tribute and the tavern fellow asking why is the Fonseka in the jail? The three wheeler fellow driving my friend’s son to the school asking the boy why is Fonseka in the jail and the boy is saying I will ask the father and the father is also now asking me why is the Fonseka in the jail. Even my wife is asking. Some people are even asking why is the Fonseka on the inside and Merry Win on the outside? People thinking I have answer to everything. Maybe because I am doctor.
And I am having answer to the question. Why is the Fonseka in the jail? Simple. He is breaking law. I am not talking about frauds and corruptions. Who is not a fraud? Who is not corrupt? Look at me. I am a fraud from start to finish. Corruption like religion to me. But breaking law is different because law has nothing to do with frauds and the corruption. What is this law you must be asking. The law is simple. President is king, president’s family is royal family. That is the only law.  If you are accepting that and showing the respect then what is to fear? Where is the worry? Simple law for simple country and people. Fonseka not obeying the law. Thinking he is big man because winning the war and calling everybody animal names like kalawedda and bandicoot. This is why he is on the inside and I am on the outside doing whatever I like to whoever I like. I am not breaking the law. The Fonseka is brainless. I am shameless.
Also I am thinking why the Fonseka think he won the war? Prabhakaran win the war, not the Fonseka. The Prabhakaran not killing the Fonseka properly and the Fonseka running around like the madman killing everybody. If the Prabhakran kill the Fonseka he is still living. No wound in the head. So I think the Prabhakaran winning the war not the Fonseka.
But I am also thinking maybe putting Fonseka in the jail is wrong thing to do. What is he going to do in the jail? Only shout and shout, calling people animal names. When he is coming out in two and a half years he will be shouting louder. Maybe adding new animal names to list. Government can send him to jail again but why bothering so much about one man? There is only one man in the country for everyone to bother about. That is the Mahinda Rajapakse. If we are bothering so much about Fonseka he will also think he is man, not bandicoot. And like with the Prabhakaran he maybe also think he can win the war again. This time against the Rajapakse.
So I am saying get rid of the bandicoot. How? Very easy. These days police taking prisoners on excursion to see hidden weapons. Prisoners suddenly get violent when coming close to weapons and start jumping around, even in the handcuffs. Police are shooting and killing prisoner in handcuffs. Everybody saying good riddance and thanking the president for cleaning up the country.
I am saying take Fonseka also on excursion to find weapons. Fonseka was army commander. He know where all the weapons are. Take him to few places but always keep in handcuffs and mouth taped. If not will start calling kalawedda and bandicoot from start to finish. And when near weapons place, take the tape off. Now he will start calling everybody animal names and police will shoot even without any orders.
Nothing to worry about what people say. Some will say very good for the bandicoot and others will say what a loss to nation even if bandicoot. But all will soon forget and watch the Paba. Ranil will cry from the front side and laugh from the back side. Only JVP will cry and shout from front side and backside. But people will listen to the Paba, not the Tilvin.
I am Merry Win Silva the member of the Parliament and the King of the Kelaniya Side.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The 18th Amendment

Hello People,
It is me again, Doctor Merry Win Silva the member for parliament, depooty minister and the king of the Kelaniya side.
Today I am wanting to speak to you about something very important. Actually, I am always talking about very important things but people thinking I am play acting, like tying man to mango tree. I am getting very angry when people look the other side when I am saying important thing and looking this side only when I am play acting. I am warning you if you are doing that again I will hang you from tree next time you are passing the Kelaniya side to go to the Kandy side.
Everybody is talking about the 18th amendment. Even children in school asking have you seen 18th amendment, like it is movie or teledrama or something. Some children are not counting one, two three anymore. They are saying first amendment, second amendment third amendment and like that. But only up to eighteen because no amendment after that. Not yet. But for Sri Lankan children counting up to eighteen is enough. I can count only to the tenth amendment and I am member of the parliament and king of the Kelaniya side. I am also doctor. So why need to count beyond tenth amendment?
NGO people saying 18th amendment bad. Make president be president for whole life not part of life. They are saying it is dictatorship. I am saying this is all rubbish talk from LTTE supporters. In this country only LTTE supporters talk against president. They are not liking president for beating them and giving their leader big wound in head. Anything president doing they say bad. Like the 18th amendment.
I think problem is not with 18th amendment. Problem is constitution. If no constitution no amendment, 18 or 15 or 17. And what is constitution? Thick book.  Nowadays who read book? Nobody in parliament read book. Nobody in parliament can read book. Some like Prof. Pieris read book before coming to parliament but now he too cannot read book. Only talk like parrot.
So I am saying no need for constitution, like thick book. One page enough. Our people simple people like myself. People don’t like too many words and big ideas. They want little ideas in simple language. And how the country is run is very simple. President is like king. His family like royal family. They tell us what to do and we do. We don’t ask questions. Only law is what president and family saying. If loyal to president can do anything; even kill and import and export drugs and drug addicts. But if not loyal can be sitting in jail for doing nothing. It is simple law for simple country. No need for books to understand law.
And we are also forgetting. Nowhere in the world is there president like our president. Where you have president coming down to level of man on the street and the paddyfield and patting on the backside and calling machang? Is J R. Jayawardena doing that? Is Premadsa ding that? Or even Dingribanda? Chandrika may have touched people on backside but ever say machang? This president is special president, machang president. Even the son president Mr. Namal saying machang and aiya and malli and everything to normal people. Very down to the earth. People like that deserve to be king and prince and royal family forever and ever no question asked.
So we need no thick book for constituton. One page enough for all the laws. Even that page no writing necessary. Pictures are better. Our people like pictures. Whole families spending all the time in front of television watching Paba and baba. Sometimes they are watching me also becauseIi am like cartoon. So I say give people what they like. Give them pictures. And maybe no need to even give many pictures. Just one picture is enough. The picture of the president.
So I think I am solving another great national problem. The problem of Constitution. I am helping save money for printing constitution like thick book. When having only one page constitution we can save millions of rupees. With that money we can have billboards of president and family, like big constitutions.
So I am telling peoples, don’t debate constitution. It is waste of time. Life is simple. So is constitution.
I am Merry Win Silva the member of the parliament and the king of the Kelaniya side.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dr. Silva's evidence at the LLRC

Hello People ,
I am Merry Win Silva, member of the Praliament and the king of the Kelaniya side. I am now giving evidence to the Commission about learning lessons and reconciliations. You have to take me seriously because I am doctor, like doctor Dayan Jyatilleke. But there is difference. Doctor Dyan getting doctorate from somewhere. I am getting from nowhere. But both doctors so you take me seriously. Don’t try to stop me. If you try my people will come with razor blade and cut you. Front side and back side. And police will only laugh and watch.
What is this commission anyway? Lessons Learnt? Reconcilliation? I think this is nonsense. It must be called Lessons Taught therefore no Reconciliation Needed commission. Just listen to my evidence.
 A lot of people say the Tamil problem start when Tamil people asking for separate state. That is not true. The problem start because Tamil people ask for separate state wrong way. With guns and bombs. This is one big lesson taught to Tamils. If you ask for separate state with guns and bombs you will die. This don’t mean that if you ask nicely you will get separate state. Then also you might die. But you can have separate state - if you ask the right way.
Look at me. I am also having separate state now. In Kelaniya area. Very ancient land. Buddha also coming and polishing up. Now I am also doing it. I am like king there. I am doing anything I like. Taking tribute, banning liquor, banning processions. Tying people to trees also. Nobody saying anything.  Last time I am tying man to mango tree and only one woman shout. Police say nothing. Only laughing and watching. Government saying nothing to do because tied man not complaining. President saying nothing also. He likes me. He think I am obedient. So I can do anything. Just to prove this very soon I am going to tie the IGP also to tree, maybe tamarind tree this time. He will just wait like idiot. Government will say no complain and police will also laugh and watch.
This is what I am saying. I am having separate state in Kelaniya. How I get it? I am obedient. I am falling on knees before president anytime, crawling along drain also if he tell me. I am like tyrant to opposition people but like puppy to president. This is why I am different to Prabhakaran and why I get separate state and Prabhakaran get big wound in head. Prbhakaran ruthless. I  am shameless.
I think it is wrong to say we must give something to Tamils ot stop another war coming. We give nothing to Sinhalese and where is war? I think we must give something to “A Tamil”. Like KP I think. KP also like me.  Shameless. He crawl anytime anywhere to survive. No wound in head for him. We give him something, like the Jaffna area like I am getting Kelaniya and he will be good puppy also. Maybe he can give Tamils there something but what is important is what he can give president. I am hearing that long ago Vanniyar giving king of Kandy two elephants  every year to show he is good puppy. KP can give more than two elephants.
That is the best way to solve Tamil problem. This is how we stop war with Sinhalese. Give something to puppy-like people. They will keep ordinary people like puppies also. If complain cut with razor. If obey build a road and cheap house. They will sit and watch teledrama even without food. What for reconciliation? I say give Ranil also some small area to control. Maybe Colombo Seven. He can tie anybody to trees there. Colombo seven is full of trees and some very big ones. Maybe Colombo Seven people even liking that kind of thing. They are naughty.  
So this is my testimony to Commission. Thank you very much for listening. Anytime you are in Kelaniya come to my house. Don’t forget to bring little tribute. I am king there.

Hello People

Hello People,

I am Doctor Mery Win Silva, the meber of the parliament and the king of the Kelaniya Side. Welcome to my blog.

Some people may be asking why I start blog. I ask them why not? Everybody these days having the blog, even little children. Having the blog is like having the mobile phone. You must have the blog. I am member of the parliament and king of the Kelaniya area. Why I not having the blog if children can have the blog? And I am doctor also even though I am getting doctorate from nowhere. I have many thins tell to people. That is why I am also having the blog.

So, come to my blog and hear my views. I will be giving views on many things. Politics, religion, culture and agrigulture also. Read and learn.  But if you come to my blog please don't leave rude message. I will tie you to tree and make you write letter saying you tie yourself.

I am Doctor Merry Win Silva, the member of the parliament and the king of the Kelaniya side. This is my blog.