Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank you, the Gota!

I am writing to be thanking the Gota, the brother of Our Majesty for clearing up some big issue I am having in my mind. Recently, after seeing teh Channel 4 documentary and getting very annoyed with whoever is making it the Gotabhaya is saying at meeting that the documentary is very unfair. He is saying that there is man showing in the documentary to be Colonel Ramesh from the the LTTE's Eastern side and he is getting tortured and killed also. What is the problem, the Gota is asking. This is the man who is killing the litle sadhus and also 600 policemen in the Eastern side like a barbarian long ago. Why such a big fuss about a murderer like that?

Many peoples are getting annoyed by hearing this, asking is it right for someone to be killed after that one is surrendering, even if that one is blood thirsty murderer? But I am saying, we must be grateful to Our Majesty's brother for making things clearer to all of us. All this time I am thinking like many other peoples in Sri Lanka that the killings of the policemen and the little sadhus was done by the Karuna who is the commander of the Easter Tigers at that time even though now he is in the government side. I am forgetting that it cannot be the Karuna because nobody in our government side can be doing nasty things like that. Now I am realising who is really responsible. It is the Ramesh!

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