Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dr. Silva's evidence at the LLRC

Hello People ,
I am Merry Win Silva, member of the Praliament and the king of the Kelaniya side. I am now giving evidence to the Commission about learning lessons and reconciliations. You have to take me seriously because I am doctor, like doctor Dayan Jyatilleke. But there is difference. Doctor Dyan getting doctorate from somewhere. I am getting from nowhere. But both doctors so you take me seriously. Don’t try to stop me. If you try my people will come with razor blade and cut you. Front side and back side. And police will only laugh and watch.
What is this commission anyway? Lessons Learnt? Reconcilliation? I think this is nonsense. It must be called Lessons Taught therefore no Reconciliation Needed commission. Just listen to my evidence.
 A lot of people say the Tamil problem start when Tamil people asking for separate state. That is not true. The problem start because Tamil people ask for separate state wrong way. With guns and bombs. This is one big lesson taught to Tamils. If you ask for separate state with guns and bombs you will die. This don’t mean that if you ask nicely you will get separate state. Then also you might die. But you can have separate state - if you ask the right way.
Look at me. I am also having separate state now. In Kelaniya area. Very ancient land. Buddha also coming and polishing up. Now I am also doing it. I am like king there. I am doing anything I like. Taking tribute, banning liquor, banning processions. Tying people to trees also. Nobody saying anything.  Last time I am tying man to mango tree and only one woman shout. Police say nothing. Only laughing and watching. Government saying nothing to do because tied man not complaining. President saying nothing also. He likes me. He think I am obedient. So I can do anything. Just to prove this very soon I am going to tie the IGP also to tree, maybe tamarind tree this time. He will just wait like idiot. Government will say no complain and police will also laugh and watch.
This is what I am saying. I am having separate state in Kelaniya. How I get it? I am obedient. I am falling on knees before president anytime, crawling along drain also if he tell me. I am like tyrant to opposition people but like puppy to president. This is why I am different to Prabhakaran and why I get separate state and Prabhakaran get big wound in head. Prbhakaran ruthless. I  am shameless.
I think it is wrong to say we must give something to Tamils ot stop another war coming. We give nothing to Sinhalese and where is war? I think we must give something to “A Tamil”. Like KP I think. KP also like me.  Shameless. He crawl anytime anywhere to survive. No wound in head for him. We give him something, like the Jaffna area like I am getting Kelaniya and he will be good puppy also. Maybe he can give Tamils there something but what is important is what he can give president. I am hearing that long ago Vanniyar giving king of Kandy two elephants  every year to show he is good puppy. KP can give more than two elephants.
That is the best way to solve Tamil problem. This is how we stop war with Sinhalese. Give something to puppy-like people. They will keep ordinary people like puppies also. If complain cut with razor. If obey build a road and cheap house. They will sit and watch teledrama even without food. What for reconciliation? I say give Ranil also some small area to control. Maybe Colombo Seven. He can tie anybody to trees there. Colombo seven is full of trees and some very big ones. Maybe Colombo Seven people even liking that kind of thing. They are naughty.  
So this is my testimony to Commission. Thank you very much for listening. Anytime you are in Kelaniya come to my house. Don’t forget to bring little tribute. I am king there.

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