Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The 18th Amendment

Hello People,
It is me again, Doctor Merry Win Silva the member for parliament, depooty minister and the king of the Kelaniya side.
Today I am wanting to speak to you about something very important. Actually, I am always talking about very important things but people thinking I am play acting, like tying man to mango tree. I am getting very angry when people look the other side when I am saying important thing and looking this side only when I am play acting. I am warning you if you are doing that again I will hang you from tree next time you are passing the Kelaniya side to go to the Kandy side.
Everybody is talking about the 18th amendment. Even children in school asking have you seen 18th amendment, like it is movie or teledrama or something. Some children are not counting one, two three anymore. They are saying first amendment, second amendment third amendment and like that. But only up to eighteen because no amendment after that. Not yet. But for Sri Lankan children counting up to eighteen is enough. I can count only to the tenth amendment and I am member of the parliament and king of the Kelaniya side. I am also doctor. So why need to count beyond tenth amendment?
NGO people saying 18th amendment bad. Make president be president for whole life not part of life. They are saying it is dictatorship. I am saying this is all rubbish talk from LTTE supporters. In this country only LTTE supporters talk against president. They are not liking president for beating them and giving their leader big wound in head. Anything president doing they say bad. Like the 18th amendment.
I think problem is not with 18th amendment. Problem is constitution. If no constitution no amendment, 18 or 15 or 17. And what is constitution? Thick book.  Nowadays who read book? Nobody in parliament read book. Nobody in parliament can read book. Some like Prof. Pieris read book before coming to parliament but now he too cannot read book. Only talk like parrot.
So I am saying no need for constitution, like thick book. One page enough. Our people simple people like myself. People don’t like too many words and big ideas. They want little ideas in simple language. And how the country is run is very simple. President is like king. His family like royal family. They tell us what to do and we do. We don’t ask questions. Only law is what president and family saying. If loyal to president can do anything; even kill and import and export drugs and drug addicts. But if not loyal can be sitting in jail for doing nothing. It is simple law for simple country. No need for books to understand law.
And we are also forgetting. Nowhere in the world is there president like our president. Where you have president coming down to level of man on the street and the paddyfield and patting on the backside and calling machang? Is J R. Jayawardena doing that? Is Premadsa ding that? Or even Dingribanda? Chandrika may have touched people on backside but ever say machang? This president is special president, machang president. Even the son president Mr. Namal saying machang and aiya and malli and everything to normal people. Very down to the earth. People like that deserve to be king and prince and royal family forever and ever no question asked.
So we need no thick book for constituton. One page enough for all the laws. Even that page no writing necessary. Pictures are better. Our people like pictures. Whole families spending all the time in front of television watching Paba and baba. Sometimes they are watching me also becauseIi am like cartoon. So I say give people what they like. Give them pictures. And maybe no need to even give many pictures. Just one picture is enough. The picture of the president.
So I think I am solving another great national problem. The problem of Constitution. I am helping save money for printing constitution like thick book. When having only one page constitution we can save millions of rupees. With that money we can have billboards of president and family, like big constitutions.
So I am telling peoples, don’t debate constitution. It is waste of time. Life is simple. So is constitution.
I am Merry Win Silva the member of the parliament and the king of the Kelaniya side.

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