Monday, October 25, 2010

How to deal with the leaking Wiki

Today I am going to talk about International topic. I am tired of always talking about the Sri Lanka. People thinking I am only knowing what is good for the country. I am wanting to show I am also knowing what is good for the world. I am doctor if you don’t know.
I want to talk about the wikileak. This is something somebody has leaked into the Internet. What have they leaked? Some horrible pictures of soldiers in the Iraq doing terrible things to their own prisoners. And they are telling that the America knowing all about it but looking the other way. It is big scandal now.
I am telling, very good for the America to have scandal like that. The America always telling the world what to do and how to do. What is right what is wrong, what is the human right, what is the right of the animal and what is to leak and what is not to leak. Now there is big leak from the wiki and they are in the big pool of the piss. This will teach lesson to the America not to tell other peoples what is wrong and right. That is a job for me, Merry Win Silva the member of the parliament and the king of the Kelaniya side.
But I am also feeling sorry for the America. Whatever they are doing it is not good for the America to get into too much trouble. Although we are having the China, the Libya, the India, the Iran and the Myanmar for the friend it is the America and the western part of the world we are all loving. We are sending our children and their children to study in the America, and the Britain and the Australia and when we are going on the trip that is where we are going. That is also where we are running if things are getting hotter and hotter in the mother’s land. Who is sending the child to Libya to study, Who is doing shopping trip to the Myanmar? Even the china? After all what is there in the China? Only cheap gadgets and you can buy them all in the America anyway.
So I am thinking we must be helping the America to deal with this leak by the Wiki. That is why I am writing, to give the advice.
I am telling the Obama, brown man to the black man, don’t be upset. We are knowing how to handle this. What you must be doing is first, say there is not atrocities taking place. Nothing doing in the prison. Prisoners are not abused. You can even say they are not even prisons. Just holiday camp for bad people until they become good people in next life. This is the first step to stop leak. If still leaking then say leak done by terrorists to harm the very nice image of the America. You can say the Al Qaeda is standing behind the wiki people and watching over their shoulder to see if leaking well. That will make people hate the leaking people and not the America. If still leaking send vehicle to the home of some leaking people and take them to the same prison they are leaking about. Give them to the same nasty guards and tell them to show them good time. Then take pictures and leak pictures to rest of the leakers. That will plug the leak permanently.
We are knowing all this because we have experience. Sri Lanka is having more things to leak than any other country on the earth. If we are letting it all out it will be like second tsunami, this time tsunami of very smelly stuff flooding not just the Sri Lanka but the India as well. But we are plugging leaks very well, calling leakers nasty things and doing nasty things to them. Leakers going in white van never to be coming back, dead or alive. Nobody wanting to leak never again. Sri Lanka government like big plumbing business. Plugging the leaks and flushing the leakers down the drain.
I think the Obama must take this advice seriously. Nothing to be shame about getting advice from small country. I am sending advice to the Mugabe also soon. After all we are all in the black.

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