Friday, October 22, 2010

Why the Fonseka is in the Jail

The Sarath Fonseka has become very big news now. People are asking, why he is in the jail? I am going to the tavern to collect my tribute and the tavern fellow asking why is the Fonseka in the jail? The three wheeler fellow driving my friend’s son to the school asking the boy why is Fonseka in the jail and the boy is saying I will ask the father and the father is also now asking me why is the Fonseka in the jail. Even my wife is asking. Some people are even asking why is the Fonseka on the inside and Merry Win on the outside? People thinking I have answer to everything. Maybe because I am doctor.
And I am having answer to the question. Why is the Fonseka in the jail? Simple. He is breaking law. I am not talking about frauds and corruptions. Who is not a fraud? Who is not corrupt? Look at me. I am a fraud from start to finish. Corruption like religion to me. But breaking law is different because law has nothing to do with frauds and the corruption. What is this law you must be asking. The law is simple. President is king, president’s family is royal family. That is the only law.  If you are accepting that and showing the respect then what is to fear? Where is the worry? Simple law for simple country and people. Fonseka not obeying the law. Thinking he is big man because winning the war and calling everybody animal names like kalawedda and bandicoot. This is why he is on the inside and I am on the outside doing whatever I like to whoever I like. I am not breaking the law. The Fonseka is brainless. I am shameless.
Also I am thinking why the Fonseka think he won the war? Prabhakaran win the war, not the Fonseka. The Prabhakaran not killing the Fonseka properly and the Fonseka running around like the madman killing everybody. If the Prabhakran kill the Fonseka he is still living. No wound in the head. So I think the Prabhakaran winning the war not the Fonseka.
But I am also thinking maybe putting Fonseka in the jail is wrong thing to do. What is he going to do in the jail? Only shout and shout, calling people animal names. When he is coming out in two and a half years he will be shouting louder. Maybe adding new animal names to list. Government can send him to jail again but why bothering so much about one man? There is only one man in the country for everyone to bother about. That is the Mahinda Rajapakse. If we are bothering so much about Fonseka he will also think he is man, not bandicoot. And like with the Prabhakaran he maybe also think he can win the war again. This time against the Rajapakse.
So I am saying get rid of the bandicoot. How? Very easy. These days police taking prisoners on excursion to see hidden weapons. Prisoners suddenly get violent when coming close to weapons and start jumping around, even in the handcuffs. Police are shooting and killing prisoner in handcuffs. Everybody saying good riddance and thanking the president for cleaning up the country.
I am saying take Fonseka also on excursion to find weapons. Fonseka was army commander. He know where all the weapons are. Take him to few places but always keep in handcuffs and mouth taped. If not will start calling kalawedda and bandicoot from start to finish. And when near weapons place, take the tape off. Now he will start calling everybody animal names and police will shoot even without any orders.
Nothing to worry about what people say. Some will say very good for the bandicoot and others will say what a loss to nation even if bandicoot. But all will soon forget and watch the Paba. Ranil will cry from the front side and laugh from the back side. Only JVP will cry and shout from front side and backside. But people will listen to the Paba, not the Tilvin.
I am Merry Win Silva the member of the Parliament and the King of the Kelaniya Side.

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